Monday, 30 May 2011

A crazy busy Bank Holiday Weekend

This weekend me and my faithful Mini have been scouring the country far and wide to collect up all the best treasures for Pica Pica vintage. We returned triumphant with a car full (you may think you couldn't fit much in a vintage Mini - i would beg to differ) of vintage clothes, toys and home ware that would make your eyes pop.

Next weekend, I'll be making by Pica Pica Vintage debut with a stall full of all the best finds. I'll be at West Norwood Feast on Sunday the 5th of June 10am - 4pm selling vintage baby and children's wear along with small pieces of nursery / bedroom furniture and accessories

Here's a little sneaky peek:

*Unfortunately, old Johnny isn't for sale - i painted him for the Husband, and he lives in our front room :-)

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Improving with age, like a fine cheese

I was thinking today about grey hair and celebrities. Whilst many are striving to keep a hold on their youth by quite obviously spending a lot of money trying to mask those grey hairs, i actually love those who are quite clearly embracing their older and wiser good looks (or maybe i'm just getting older, and so in turn are my crushes)