Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween - but as a Brit, I especially love how the Americans do it. I prefer their less spooky attitude to fancy dress where you can go dressed as anything, rather than having to be creepy or scary. We get a few Trick or Treaters on our street but not many. I've never seen any children in home made costumes either, which is a shame as they are the best! When I found this tee shirt and bib in Marks and Spencers I just couldn't resist.

We couldn't mark the occasion without including Beasley, too - Happy Halloween!

*I was inspired to cut happy smiley Pumpkins by Sarah Dyer on her blog here 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


I'm surprising myself with the amount that has changed since my last post. I was just snooping around the internet looking to start up yet another blog before remembering this little creation from over a year ago.

For a start, business priorities shifted hugely - the market stall plan was very cute, but way too much like hard work. Mostly it just was one giant flash back to the many years of freezing my butt off at Spitalfields and Camden Lock with my old label Pink Kat. Weekends are too precious and after so many years of slogging my guts out working 100 hour weeks, I'm ready for a big change.

So, Big Change#1: Ditching the market stall / festival trading plan for a purely online vintage toy selling career. A profitable and ultimately more satisfying way of life with a much nicer and happier balance.

Massive Change#2: We now have a new and very exciting addition to the family - little baby E. A very planned for sweet chap that took 2 whole years of willing to finally come into our lives. As a result of this wonderful life-shift, work on the whole has been put on hold. He arrived in May of this year.

Huge Change#3: As if all of this wasn't enough to be getting on with, we have decided to put our lovely little starter flat on the market to find ourselves a much more suitable family size nest.

We're all getting used to these changes - but luckily Beasley has taken very well to becoming a big furry Brother