Thursday, 24 September 2015

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Gelli Baff Jelly Flood Messy Play

With two little boys, most play in our house is messy whether I like it or not. Emmett age 3 really enjoys Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom, made by the same people that created Peppa. Now he's a little bit older he enjoys the more detailed stories and the humor in Ben & Holly.

When I came across the product Gelli Baff Lava Blast Red the first thing I thought of was Nanny Plum's constant spell errors that cause jelly floods in the cartoon. We have a set of the toy figures and so on a rainy afternoon it was the perfect activity.

Emmett was very excited to put all the toys in the bath but was less convinced about the unusual texture of the Gelli. With some encouragement he was soon in the bath playing and squelching about in all the red goo. Also rather brilliant was how easy it was to clean up - I rinsed the children off with warm water and using the sachet in the pack, true to the instructions it all washed down the plug hole without fuss. We all really enjoyed ourselves and it's something we'll definitely do again.

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