Friday, 7 December 2012

The Saddest Week: Stolen Mini

This week has been a nightmare - my beloved Rover Mini Tahiti was stolen from right outside my house this week, in South London. It's from 1994. It currently has a roof rack, and the additional lights on the front have sun faded orange covers. Number plate M*****R

Not only am I devastated to lose my beloved car, the base of our baby buggy was inside along with Christmas presents for baby E and my Husband. So, at the moment I can't drive anywhere, but I can't even go out because we have no buggy.

I can't believe someone would think this was ok - that someone could do this to me. It's clearly a loved car. It breaks my heart to think of my car being broken up and sold for parts.

If anyone has any information...if by chance you are Googling / researching about this car because you've stolen it...please get in contact or just do the honourable thing and park it back on my street where you took it from.

I'm totally devastated

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