Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A Little Thrifting

When I'm stressed, one of my top activities to calm down and relax is a charity shopping trip. I've been charity shopping since I first started getting pocket money, so at the ripe old age of 30 I reckon I've got a good solid 20+ years of charity shopping and carbooting under my belt.

My favourite shops are the ones run by people that have no quality filter - where they put out everything that is donated. Those are the ones where you find the real gems. The things many other shops would put out for the bins (it's those things that I usually like)

Brown bead & faux tortoise shell necklace + Brooch £1.50
Bow tie £1.99

1970s/80s Cot Duvet Cover & Pillow Case £2.99

Warm baby coat & Hoob £2.25

Old Lady & Animals £4

I found a few bits after a trip round West London doing errands. Most of them were for baby E. I was especially pleased with the bow tie - I have a couple already that I wear with blouses. Also, the Old Lady plush is disgustingly fantastic. She came with all her original bean bag animals that she can eat (!) I've never seen one before.

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