Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Found - The 1990s called and they want their neon friendship bracelets back

As part of my job running Pica Pica Vintage I buy a lot of random boxes of toys - job lots and collections. I save the best vintage things for my collectors and customers and then the remainder gets donated to charity, saved for our Christmas shoe boxes and only then, if it's really of no use to anyone that's the only time I actually throw something away.

Often I'll find little notes or items that are so typical of the era that the toys are from - a few weeks ago I found this:

Just a little neon string bracelet that instantly transported me back to the 1990s. Neon rope friendships bracelets. I gave up having a cake at break time at school so I had the money to buy my friend one as a present on the way home. I probably would have changed into my cycling shorts and a dolphin tee shirt when I got home. Did you have them?

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