Monday, 18 January 2016

Blue Monday - My methods to beat the January Blues

So today is Blue Monday - apparently statistically the most miserable day of the year. Touch wood, besides the super cold weather we've had no disasters. That said, I have found the start of the year and getting back into the swing of things hard going. I feel this is mainly due to over doing the cheese, chocolate and cherry coke over Christmas...Anyhow - these are my go to ways to get over the January Blues. What are yours?

1) A nice walk out doors. I love winter clothes and often forget how nice it is to put on a big scarf and take Beasley the dog for a walk. We're lucky enough to live near some lovely views. It really blows the cobwebs away.

2) Happy Mail. I love writing and receiving letters or sending a nice surprise in the post to a friend. Another thing I like doing is looking through the worldwide eBay sites and ordering cheap stationary or craft supplies from abroad. It takes so long to arrive I'll have forgotten what I've ordered by the time it arrives! Mail surprises are especially welcome in January as that's when the first dreaded credit card statements arrive after getting a little carried away Christmas shopping (maybe that's just me)

3) Hand sewing. This is my number one go-to relaxing craft. I've posted about it before. I'm in pretty deep on my La Passacaglia quilt. Even if I only manage to get a few paper pieces put together it really does lift my mood.

4) Cleaning. Yup, really. Sometimes getting really stuck in and clearing a pile of laundry or hovering  the whole house and putting everything away. A tidy house makes me so much better. My favourite cleaning music is The Supremes or 1960's doowop.

5) Lists. Sometimes if I feel overwhelmed with business planning, family life or things in the house the best thing for me to do is to break everything down into managable lists. That way I can see a clear picture of everything that needs doing. Even just crossing a couple of things off a list makes me feel so much better.

Fingers crossed your Blue Monday broke the rules and was awesome xxx

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