Thursday, 1 November 2012

Distinguished Tastes In Fizzy Pop: Pop Scene

I'm the kind of lady that likes fine rare, I'm not talking French Champagne or vintage Whiskey. I'm into fizzy pop, in a big way (I'm being serious) Much to my husband's frustration I make it my mission on pretty much every trip we take to try the local pop. Dr Pepper will always be in my heart, but here I thought I'd tell you about some of my rare international favourites:

Dr Pepper w/ Cherry & Coca Cherry Zero

What could be better than Dr Pepper? Why, Dr Pepper with Cherries of course! I first tried this in New York, 2009 and I have been trying to get my mitts' on it ever since. Quite often I strike it lucky in Cyber Candy in Covent Garden. They too also normally have the Cherry Zero. I prefer drinking this when I can over the calorific UK brew, despite the eye watering number of freaky chemicals it probably contains. As a side note - ignore the Dr Browns in the picture - I tried it and thought it was disgusting.


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