Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Ebay Auction Sniping

I encountered this idea a few years ago. Sniping is considered bad form by many and a real faux pas - I've definitely been guilty of trying to do a last stitch snipe when an auction is ticking down those last few seconds on something I really want, but a slow broadband connection or the slightest slip on the keyboard can send all those best laid plans out the window when someone else snipes it away from right under your nose.

As a full time Ebay seller I've not encountered this as a problem as I have a policy of listing everything I sell at a Fixed Price / Make An Offer. I like to have my items find their own price and also to have the flexibility of adjusting the cost if someone buys a job lot of things from me at the same time.

With the age of apps and online gadgets for pretty much anything I was surprised and maybe a little impressed to find there are such things as ebay sniper websites. Here's one I found with a quick Google search:

I definitely have a few "one that got away" ebay stories - like the 25 metres of vintage Superman fabric that I missed out on by 20p (I actually wrote begging emails to the seller and the buyer for that one, to no avail!) These days, I don't stalk my auctions how I used to. I have a more fatalistic attitude. I tend to place a bid then forget about it until I get the email saying whether I've won or lost. Not sure whether that is because I'm older, or because I just go to way too many charity shops and car boot sales and the things I want eventually turn up?!

But, just in case that elusive item I just have to have ever pops up, I've bookmarked this Sniper tool...

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