Saturday, 3 November 2012

Pop Scene

For my next Pop drinking post, here is my personal Holy Grail of soda - Melon Fanta or Melon Pop. Only it seems, to found in Japan. I discovered this drink on my Honeymoon in Tokyo in 2011, and as if I wasn't giddy enough at being in my dream city (I had wanted to visit Japan since I was about 13) this neon sugary treat just about tipped me over the edge.

They seemed to serve this in most fast food chains along side Coca Cola. I drank many cups of Melon Soda while I was watching Alex in his quest to beat a Japanese gamer at Street Fighter (he eventually managed it!) I wouldn't say it tasted much like melon, but if there was such a thing as my own personal brand of liquid Catnip, then this would be it. You know you have a great Husband when he imports you 10 precious bottles of Melon Fanta for probably the cost of a more than decent bottle of champagne! Whatta guy.

Yum yum yum!
I'm yet to track down this mystical drink here - I've found other flavours like Grape, but they just don't taste as good. I continue in my quest...or just wait to one day go back to Tokyo.

*As a side note, for goodness sake - if you are getting married, remember to get your fringe / bangs trimmed before hand! What a donut!

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