Friday, 9 November 2012

Mini Driving

I'm not a car person, petrol head or whatever you want to call it. I am however in love with my car - not in a creepy way. I drive a 1994 Tahiti Blue vintage Rover Mini. It's my first car. I learnt to drive a lot later than I should have done. I'm 30 and I've only been driving two years.

She's great fun to drive. I love that us old Mini drivers wave to eachother when we pass (except the rude ones) and that parents point my car out to their children when I drive past. I once disturbed a Chinese family all taking their picture next to her in a carpark because they'd never seen a mini before. I like that minis are a British iconic classic.

I drive her fo all my buying trips and carboot sales for work. Beasley and baby E fit perfectly in the back. I have optimistic hopes of maybe passing her onto baby E one day (hopefully she'll last that long) I even did loads of research to find a buggy that would fit inside (turns out there isn't one in existence, but we make do with splitting my Oyster in two pieces!) It turns out that you can drive a classic car everyday.

Mini Run 2010

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